Kårbopolkett  was made by Ivar Grönlund, Kårbo – a well known folk music profile in Avesta, who passed away some 10 years ago, leaving behind several ”polketter” from Kårbo. The entire spelmanslag performs.


Brodd-Albins C-major waltz was made by Brodd-Albin Johansson, a fiddler and flutist who lived just outside Hedemora in Södra Dalarna. He was known for his brilliant way of playing in harmony. The entire spelmanslag performs.

Tattarvalsen “Waltz of the tramp” traditionally after Carl Herman Erlandsson. The entire spelmanslag performs. Fiddlers of Yesteryear

Uppskattningspolskan – “The appreciation tune” was made by Totte, one of our key fiddlers, to Kerstin, one of our fiddlers, for her birthday. Kerstin bakes the best cookies and the tune is intended to communicate Totte’s appreciation of that. Totte and Jan-Eric begin on key fiddles, then the entire spelmanslag performs. Metmasken – “The worm” was made by Totte for another key fiddler, Georg Haglund, for his 80th birthday. The spelmanslag was to learn the tune before playing it to the jubilarian. As we were rehearsing on the lawn outside Georg’s house – this was April in Sweden – worms began crawling up under our feet, scared by our rhythmically stamping feet. Totte and Jan-Eric perform on key fiddles. Polska  traditionally after Vilhelm Hedlund, Enviken, Södra Dalarna. Vilhelm Hedlund has done a great deed preserving many tunes from his home region, Enviken. He belonged to a family with several generations of fiddlers, among them the famous female fiddler “Spel-Faster” (“Fiddling aunt”). The waltzes from Enviken are particularly known for their unique mixture of major and minor. The md recording was made in the fall of 2003. Nelly is soloist.