Fiddlers of Yesteryear:

Carl Herman Erlandsson from By, Södra Dalarna


Fiddler Carl Herman Erlandsson was born in 1857 in By, Södra Dalarna, Sweden. He learned to fiddle from his father, Carl Magnus Erlandsson, who was a bearer of genuine Dalarna tradition. In his youth, he played with his father and his brother. In his twenties, Carl Herman moved to Rickomberga, Uppland. At the same age, he gave up fiddling. He took on an unpredictable lifestyle, belonging to a group frowned upon by well adjusted members of society. He was called “tramp”.


In 1909 when Carl Herman Erlandsson was 52 years old, prominent cultural people took interest in his fiddling and convinced him to take part in a fiddlers’ gathering in Uppsala. On that occasion, several tunes were transcribed and thus preserved, among other the Tattarvalsen, “Waltz of the tramp”, which can be found in the big transcriptional work Svenska Låtar Uppland, n:o 93. Although many tunes after Erlandsson are to be found in the Uppland part of Svenska Låtar, his fiddling manner is said to have been very typical of elder fiddlers from Dalarna.


Carl Herman passed away in 1936.

Carl Herman Erlandsson

Carl Herman Erlandsson as a young man 

  Mrs Erlandsson

Nelly with the grandchild of Carl Herman Erlandsson, Torsten, with wife, Inga-Greta