About Us


Avesta Spelmanslag (“Avesta Fiddlers Association”) is an organisation that works on a voluntary basis for preserving and passing on the traditional Swedish folk music, especially from Södra Dalarna (our region) and Avesta (our town) (Map). We are about 40 musicians, whereof mostly fiddlers, but we also have key fiddlers, singers, bass and guitar players, clarinettists and other instrumentalists among us. Our members are between 15 and 85 years old. We like to think of ourselves as a number of really different personalities with really different skills, fiddling together in respect and in harmony!

Avesta Spelmanslag started out in 1989. In 1999 we produced a cd (Purchase). We gather every other week in Avesta, playing a repertoire covering folk music from the better part of Sweden, some occasional tunes from Finland, Norway and Denmark, as well as new tunes we make ourselves. The alternate weeks we gather at Nelly’s house some 20 km north of Avesta. (About Nelly). She guides us deeper into the tradition of Dala tunes.

We frequently take part in various arrangements such as church concerts with or without organ and choirs, playing to dancers and making stage performances of our own in different contexts.




Kurbits painted by Gunn Andersson, Arvika